Sunday, August 21, 2011

Discussion ( Group Z )

1. Illustrate with examples what would you see in the design of a building that you would consider it to be unique.

It is unique as from far it looks like the real Egyptian pyramids and sphinx but it is actually
a hotel and furthermore the place is located in Las Vegas instead of egypt

This building from top down view looks like a toilet bowl and this is unique as you do not normally see this kind of buildings around the world.

This building is like the sunflower which will follow the sun The balcony rail is a solar vacuum tube to heat water. Photovoltaics on the roof rotate independently to track the sun, generating four to six times the energy needed for the house, making it beyond zero energy and into "das Plusenergiehaus" or a "Plus-energy House."

It not only rotates and is solar powered, generating 5 to six times what it needs to run the house, it is prefab, using pre-manufactured parts and pieces. The primary structural material is glue-laminated wood beams. Spruce was chosen because it is grown regionally and is a rapidly renewable material. If that is not enough, there is on-site composting,chemical free sewage treatment and rain water catchment.

2. Illustrate with examples how does colors affect the look and feel of a building (exterior/interior)?

The combination of the colors brings a very outstanding contrast which also manage to provide the consumers with comfortability when he/she looks at it .

3. Illustrate with examples how does lights affect the look and feel of a building (exterior/interior)?

To internally illuminate the building by indirectly highlighting the ceiling surfaces. Specially designed luminaries for the open office areas provide a softly uplit space.

A custom workstation luminaire combines an individually controlled LED task light with a GE 54-watt T5 3500 K indirect lighting component for the ambient illumination. The prismatic top cover provides a glare-free, comfortable environment.

4. Illustrate with examples how does texture affect the look and feel of a building (exterior/interior)?

House With Horizontal Lines: A house with horizontal lines makes it look sleek and clean and creates a calm atmosphere

Done by : Lincoln Chu Mesina , Darryl Lam , Goh Jia Sheng and Jasper Z