Sunday, July 31, 2011

Recreation CENTRE Z

Target audience : A whole range of people , from children to elderly .

Purpose : 1. To provide the user with a whole range of facilities .
2. Ranging from study corners to play ground .

Attraction : 1. Aesthetically appealing
2. Unique layout and design

Ideation : 1.Rubik's cube - like building
2. Each floor will focus on a certain aspects

Inclusive of : Theatre , Bowling area , Discussion area , self-study area and fast food restaurant

Sunday, July 10, 2011

What makes a GOOD architectural design ?

1. A good architectural design must be able to stand out from others ordinary design while serving its original or basic purpose.
2. It must meet the users need and fulfill his wishes.
3. Aesthetically, it must have a certain link with the environment .
4. A good architectural design should have a strong background, history or culture behind the design.

Reference :

I think a good architectural design we can find in Singapore is Cineleisure . It is located very near the SCAPE youth park. One can find anything for teenagers at Cineleisure as the shops there are meant for teenagers. This meets the needs of the users.

History of Cineleisure :

The first entertainment centre accorded the “Cineleisure” branding was Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, which is located in the heart of Orchard Road in Singapore.

Developed around a movie-set theme, the carefully chosen tenant-mix gives visitors a choice of entertainment activities including lifestyle retail shopping, fine dining at restaurants, casual dining in a themed foodcourt, as well as a myriad of leisure activities found in the health spa, health centre, beauty centre, social club, games arcade, cyber-cafe and a choice of six movie halls.

This building has won accolades such as the “SIA-ICI (Singapore Institute of Architects – ICI Paints) Colour Award” for its creative use of colours in its building design. Consumers have given it the thumbs-up when two of its cinemas (Halls 3 and 6) were voted Singapore’s best screens in a survey conducted by The Straits Times in April 1998. In another survey by Ad Post, a publication which reaches out to Singapore residents across the island, readers voted Cathay Cineplex, Orchard their “Favourite Cinema in Singapore”.

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